Premium quality Ceramic Mini Flap Disc. Made with High-Tech ceramic Abrasive Material for best performance on all materials. Top coat abrasive material resist loading and act as a coolant. Quick Change type “R” or “S” Plastic Backing. Packaged 10 per box.

Ideal for tight space. Recommended for demanding professionals who do not compromise on quality. Extremely tough and long lasting. Use for heavy grinding, weld blending and chamfering on all steels and hard to grind materials.

Mini FD require Rubber Holders. See Accessories.


Ceramic Grain-based products are ideal solutions where an aggressive cut and high performance are required. Such products achieve extremely high stock removal and long life due to their continuous self-sharpening characteristics. Ceramic grains are extremely hard, making products made with it suitable for grinding very hard and heat treated metals. Products made with Ceramic Grain are safer to use during grinding due to the minimal amount of sparks being produced.


Suitable for the following materials:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • High speed and tool steels
  • Alloyed Steels
  • Sheet metal
  • Non-Ferrous metals

Mini Flap Discs are available in two quick change versions:

Type “R” – Quick Change “R” Style (3M, Plastic). Easily attaches to and removes
from Quick Change Type “R” Holder.

Type “S” – Quick Change “S” Style (Norton, Metal). Easily attaches to and removes
from Quick Change Type “S” Holder.



SIZES2" / 3"TYPE:Flat (Type 27)
GRITS:36 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 120COLOUR:Red
MAX RPM. (OD in inches - RPM)2" - 25,000 / 3" - 20,000

Item Numbers  Packaging and Availability

For items not listed below please contact customer service. For some items minimum quantity and longer lead times apply.

Item #SizeGritTypePkg. Qty.Availability
C552003R2" x "R"36G C/AR106-8 WEEKS
C552004R2" x "R"40G C/AR106-8 WEEKS
C552006R2" x "R"60G C/AR106-8 WEEKS
C552008R2" x "R"80G C/AR106-8 WEEKS
C552012R2" x "R"120G C/AR106-8 WEEKS
C552003S2" x "S"36G C/AS106-8 WEEKS
C552004S2" x "S"40G C/AS106-8 WEEKS
C552006S2" x "S"60G C/AS106-8 WEEKS
C552008S2" x "S"80G C/AS106-8 WEEKS
C552012S2" x "S"120G C/AS106-8 WEEKS
C553003R3" x "R"36G C/AR106-8 WEEKS
C553004R3" x "R"40G C/AR10STOCK
C553006R3" x "R"60G C/AR10STOCK
C553008R3" x "R"80G C/AR10STOCK
C553012R3" x "R"120G C/AR106-8 WEEKS
C553003S3" x "S"36G C/AS106-8 WEEKS
C553004S3" x "S"40G C/AS106-8 WEEKS
C553006S3" x "S"60G C/AS106-8 WEEKS
C553008S3" x "S"80G C/AS106-8 WEEKS
C553012S3" x "S"120G C/AS106-8 WEEKS