Custom Flap Disc Program

If your goal is to outperform the competition, have unique products, replace imports or simply lower your costs, we have the solution for you. Our Custom Flap Discs Program can give you a much needed market edge.

Since we design our own machines and coated abrasives converters, we can provide our customers with products that will meet specific requirements. There are no other flap disc manufacturers in North America that can offer you this level of service and expertise.

Factors to consider when requesting custom made flap discs:

  • Application
  • Material
  • Outside diameter
  • Arbor Hole
  • Disc Backing Material
  • Backing Type
  • Abrasive Material
  • Grit (Finish)
  • Flaps Density
  • Flap Size
  • Flaps Configuration
  • Private Branding
  • Packaging
  • Estimated Annual Quantity
  • Market Approach

Note: It is recommended that you contact our sales or technical department so we can give you the best possible advice on what flap discs to choose.


You should be aware that many flap disc manufacturers on the market today use cheaper components or less material in order to offer attractive pricing for their customers. As experts in flap discs, we recognize this trend and choose the option to educate our customers rather than to sell underperforming products. If you ultimately choose price over performance, we can offer you discs at a price lower than our competitors but that has to be your decision, as we are committed to value rather than price.

To learn more about this please go to our Flap Disc Buying Guide.

If you currently use a product made by our competitors anywhere in the world and would like us to supply you with a similar product please provide us with:

  • Brand name
  • Item number
  • Disc size and grit
  • Number and size of flaps

Note: Although we are capable of producing almost exactly the same products as our competitors, we respect their innovation and will not interfere with any kind of trademark or patent infringement.