Quality Control

Quality Assurance & Control

Extreme Abrasives is committed to providing quality, safe and cost effective solutions for your grinding needs. For that reason, we have implemented a quality assurance program for all our products.

Made in Canada

Since we design our own machines for coated abrasives converting, we know exactly what happens at every step of the process. This means, we can provide our customers with products that will meet specific and precise requirements. Each of our staff members has been carefully selected and trained to ensure that they are experts in the assembly of each and every item we make. There is no other flap discs manufacturer in North America that can offer you this level of service and expertise.

Constant Focus on Improvement

At Extreme Abrasives, we are committed to continuously improving the processes and efficient use of materials. We are constantly refining our flap designs and upgrading our machines based on feedback provided by our customers.