Cutting & Grinding Wheels

EXTREME ABRASIVES is proud to represent MABTOOLS in North America

Located in France, MABTOOLS designs, develops and manufactures a complete range of cutting, grinding, and deburring solutions for industrial use. MABTOOLS, Previously known as MOLEMAB France, is the leading European manufacturer of Resin Bonded Wheels under its own brands, as well under private labels.

MABTOOLS has a long history dating back to 1961 when it was created by Gianfranco Maiolini under the MOLEMAB name.

Investing heavily in R&D and technical staff, MABTOOLS continues their advancement in abrasives technology.

The main advantage of MABTOOLS Cutting and Grinding wheels are the highest quality safety, performance, and value in the industry. These wheels are the preferred choice of professional users.

Cutting wheels are long-lasting and produce clean, precise, and burr-free cuts. Grinding wheels provide exceptionally high stock removal. Each wheel has fibreglass reinforcements that are selected for quality, strength, and maximum safety during use. All wheels are oSa approved, meet all of the EU and OSHA safety standards, and are made in France.

Recommended wheels by material:

r.Evolution Cutting WheelsStainless Steels, Hard Stills, Alloyed Steels, Carbon Steels, Tool Steels, Sheet Metal
Power Cutting ToolsAll types of Steels, Sheet Metal, Cast Iron, Non-Ferrous Metals
Energy Cutting & Grinding WheelsAll Steels, Sheet Metal

Cutting and Grinding Discs are designed for following machine types:

High-Tech BondingMaximize useful life
High-Tech GrainOutperforms other wheels on the market
Cooling AdditiveCool and burr-free cut
Fibreglass ReinforcedSafe even with the most aggressive applications
oSa CertifiedSafe to use
Latest Manufacturing TechnologyConsistent quality & balance
High G-ratio (lower manufacturing cost)
Less operator fatigue
No vibration

r.Evolution Range
r.Evolution is manufactured from excellent raw materials with the latest manufacturing technology. These discs are specifically designed for extreme uses. Innovation, research and tests led our engineers to develop this exceptional disc for cutting steel and stainless steel.

Power Range
MABTOOLS designed Power Range wheels through customer feedback and the latest manufacturing technologies for applications on all types of materials. With their excellent performance, Power Range wheels set the standard for the high-quality abrasives market and an above-average return. Power Range features a complete assortment of wheels.

Energy Range
General and economic, for all industries. Energy Range’s advantages are in its ease of use, its excellent durability, and a great quality-to-price ratio.

Quality & Safety
All resin bonded wheels are engineered with safety in mind and undergo specific safety tests. MABTOOLS products offer a perfect balance between quality and lifetime, complying with the most recent safety norms. Resinoid cutting and grinding discs are manufactured in France, respecting the strictest European standards.


Follow ANSI and OSHA regulations

Wear a dust mask

Wear safety gloves

Wear safety glasses and ear muffs

Do not exceed operating speed

Read instructions

Grinding Wheels vs. Flap Discs

Grinding Wheels vs. Fibre Discs

Energy Grinding Wheel
Energy Grinding Wheel
Fiber Disc

Cutting & Grinding Wheels

Cutting & Grinding Wheels are chemically treated abrasive blends that allow for high performance, improving disc elasticity and tenacity. These versatile wheels have been designed for cutting, notching, and grinding on all metals. A clean and burrless cut, and multi-use functionality saves time and money by eliminating changeovers.

Energy Grinding Wheels

Energy Grinding Wheels are designed and manufactured to provide the best grinding performances on steel and stainless steel. Their high stock removal makes them the ideal wheel to use in most grinding operations.

Depending on the application and workpiece, wheels are available in the following styles:

Type 1 or 41 – Has a flat shape for maximum efficiency and usage

Type 27 or 42 – Has a depressed centre shape for rigidity and surface cutting