Resin Fibre Discs Application Guide

Resin Fibre Discs (RFDs) are abrasive tools used where abrasives need to conform to the grinding surface. RFDs consistently deliver an excellent finish maximum performance across a wide range of grinding applications.

Resin Fibre Discs are one of the most widely-used coated abrasive tools. Our fibre discs are made by costing a heavy-duty vulcanized fiber with heat resistant resin and an abrasive grain resulting in one of the most durable and fastest cutting tools.

Resin Fibre Discs may require a BACK-UP pad depending on the application and abrasive grain.

Firm Pads

For aggressive cutting. Recommended with coarse grits. Ceramic abrasive.

Medium Pads

For all purpose applications and all abrasives.

Soft Pads

For contour grinding and finishing.

Resin Fibre Discs are designed for the machine types below: