High Speed CW


Item Numbers  Packaging and Availability

Item #MaterialSizeMax RPMPkg. Qty.Availability
DRXSEX2301KMatal12" X 1/8" X 1"6,30025STOCK
DRXSEX2302GConcrete12" X 1/8" X 20mm6,30025STOCK
DRXSEX2302KMatal12" X 1/8" X 20mm6,30025STOCK
DRXSEX4302GConcrete14" X 1/8" X 20mm5,40025STOCK
DRXSEX4302KMatal14" X 1/8" X 20mm5,40025STOCK
DRXPMM4381RRail/Stanless14" X 5/32" X 1"5,40025STOCK

For Item with 5/8″-11 Zinc Hub add 5811 to the of Item with 7/8″ Arbor Hole. e.g. Item: DRDEMT2607K with 7/8″ AH will become DRDEMT2607K5811 with 5/8″-11 Zinc Hub.