Premium Non Woven Material.

Suitable for the following materials:

  • All Metals


Item Numbers  Packaging and Availability

Item #SizeGritColorPkg. Qty.Availability
2FHP6X9GN6" x 9"320Green10STOCK
2FHP6X9MN6" x 9"320Maroon10STOCK
2FHP6X9GY6" x 9"600Gray10STOCK
2FHP6X9TN6" x 9"100Tan10STOCK
2FHP6X9WT6" x 9"NoneWhite10STOCK

For Item with 5/8″-11 Quick Change Hub remove 2 in the front and add L to the end of Item Number with 7/8″ Arbor Hole. e.g. Item: 2A704503 with 7/8″ AH will become A704503L with 5/8″-11 Quick Change Hub. Quick Change Hub available only for discs with 7/8 Arbor Hole.