Floor Sander Dust Bags



Disposable Paper Dust Bags

Floor sander disposable paper dust bags are the most efficient, convenient, cost effective and safest method for the collection and disposal of floor sander dust.

Cloth bags, traditionally used in floor sanding, can become inefficient at collecting dust as they quickly become clogged in use. They soon become worn and damaged allowing dust to escape causing unnecessary contamination of the work site and a health hazard to the operator. The bag must be emptied into a suitable container for disposal creating another area of risk for the user.

Each new disposable paper dust bag provides optimal dust collection allowing the floor sanders vacuum to work at its most efficient level. Collecting even the finest dust, the work site remains cleaner and safer for the user. Site clean up is significantly reduced saving time, work and money.

For the tool rental store machines are returned cleaner without a cloth bag partly filled with dust. This reduces the time required to service the floor sander and the health and safety risk to employees, while providing additional income to the store and eliminating the service cost of replacing or repairing a cloth bag.

For the contractor and professional user, disposable paper dust bags save time by reducing work in managing waste dust and site clean-up. Productivity gains provide a cost benefit, while a cleaner work site improves customer service levels.

Available pre-packed as a pack of two bags or individually (see below) to suit the needs of the tool hire and rental, contractor and professional markets. The bags are printed with illustrated fitting instructions and multi-lingual safety information.

Cloth Dust Bags

High quality cotton twill reusable cloth bags specially woven for floor sander dust collection with a ‘quick’ lock draw string for easy fitting. Each bag is printed with safety instructions.

Cloth dust bags are the popular method of collecting and handling dust in the flooring trade and contractor markets.

Item Numbers  Packaging and Availability

Item #Description
7037Disposable Paper Dust Bag HT8 (pack 2, 25 pack’s per case)
7038Disposable Paper Dust Bag HT7 & HTF 8 (pack 2, 25 pack’s per case)
7039Disposable Paper Dust Bag HT8 (pack 50)
7040Disposable Paper Dust Bag HT7 & HTF (pack 50)
163826HT8 Dust Bag Retainer Ring  (pack 6)
10490Cloth Dust Bag HT7/HTF (pack 1)
163796Cloth Dust Bag HT8 (pack 1)