DiamondX Chopper


The all-new DiamondX® Chopper is an all-new metal cutting chop saw blade. Designed for use on low-powered metal cutting chop saws, the 14” DiamondX® Chopper will chop through steel, stainless steel, rebar, structural steel and bolts with ease. The 14” DiamondX® Chopper will make more cuts than up to 70 conventional abrasive wheels*, greatly increasing the productivity by reducing the downtime associated with changing out worn abrasives.

Like all DiamondX® products, the new 14” DiamondX® Chopper is much safer and more eco-friendly than abrasives. The tools are made of steel and diamonds, which retain their shape, cut after cut. The steel core is virtually indestructible, providing a much safer working environment when compared to conventional abrasives that can fracture & break. Sparks, odor and debris are all greatly reduced, improving working conditions for the operator.


Steel, Stainless Steel, Rebar, Studs, Bolts, Pipe, Sectional Tubing & More!

For use only on a chop saw.

14” DiamondX® Chopper will outlast up to 70 14” abrasive discs*. Results may vary depending on the application, machine, and operator.

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DXC0120P1413E14” x .134 x 1/20mm4,3001STOCK